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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install Mulberry Grass myself ?

Yes, we provide a full step by step installation guide and can supply you with all the help and materials necessary for you to install your very own artificial lawn.

Can weeds penetrate the grass ?

No as it is produced on a very strong backing the roots of the weeds have no chance of penetrating it, this also applies to moles and rabbits trying to burrow through the surface.

Does Mulberry Grass lose it’s colour ?

No, Mulberry Grass is manufactured using the finest polyethylene fibres which have been UV tested against colour fade for up to 15 years, other products on the market have been known to turn a blue/grey colour after a few years out in the sun.

Does Mulberry Grass require any maintenance ?

For the products that require an in-fill to hold up the fibres a light brushing is required from time to time to stop the in-fill from settling. The products with no in-fill will just require the removal of leaves or debris to prevent any kind of moss build up.

Is the grass child and pet-friendly ?

Yes. Our grass is made from the highest quality yarns which have no toxic properties. All coatings, backings, glue, etc. that we use in the production process are also non-toxic, suitable for use by children, animals and for the environment. Any dog mess can be scooped, brushed or hosed away easily.

Is Mulberry Grass as realistic as the real thing ?

Yes, with the new polyethylene fibre surfaces available to purchase with different pile heights and colours, it’s difficult to distinguish between our products and the real thing.

Is Mulberry Grass suitable for poorly drained areas ?

Yes, the grass has perforated latex backing which should be installed over a graduated hard core base allowing the base to be firm and the water to drain away freely.

How do I take the first step to creating the perfect lawn?

Simply contact our friendly professional team today and we will be happy to guide you to your great new way of modern living and having the lawn you have always dreamed of. We are here to help.

What About the environment ?

Actually synthetic turf could be considered a more environmentally friendly option than natural. Mulberry Grass requires no water, no pesticides, no fertilisers or the use of energy or fuel to maintain it. With the way the climate is changing having the perfect lawn without the use of water is a great benefit.

Where can Mulberry Grass be installed ?

Mulberry Grass can be installed in a variety of places where natural grass is desired to grow, such as problem shaded areas where natural growth is difficult to those really difficult to maintain areas where mowing may be a hassle. Some examples are: domestic lawns, garden golf greens, office building lawns, show homes, children’s nurseries, shops, hotels, exhibitions and decoration, swimming pools, roof terraces, verges and much more*.

*In extreme circumstances prolonged periods of sunlight directed off mirrored/reflective surfaces could damage Mulberry Grass as it would natural grass. Please ensure such areas are identified and addressed prior to installation.

Which turf is right for you ?

When it comes to selecting which artificial turf is right for you we offer two bits of advice

1. Feel the difference – Always request a sample and feel the difference between the options in front of you. The best quality yarn will be soft to the touch but also be able to recuperate after pressure has been placed on the sample

2. The more grass the longer it lasts – Look at the product weight, this with tell you how much yarn (grass) is in each product. Therefore the heavier the product the better it should perform over time.

Why go synthetic ?

Artificial lawns are becoming more and more popular in the UK – but why?

One of the major reasons is product development. Gone are the days where synthetic turf is seen as an abrasive carpet. This was an old type of product made from nylon, which came to have the generic name in the UK of AstroTurf* and this was primarily used for hockey. The new artificial grasses uses soft plastics similar to that are used in your standard shopping bags but this plastic is engineered to create millions of fine glasslike fibres and replicate the same characteristics as natural blades of grass.

From our experience people switch to artificial for 3 main reasons

1. Time – To achieve a perfect lawn of natural grass takes time, knowledge and maintenance. When you buy synthetic you acknowledge that you want your garden to look its best but your lifestyle has more urgent requirements. Whether that’s spending time with friends and family, or if you work hard all week and just want to relax in your perfect garden at the weekend.

2. Conditions – Unfortunately some gardens don’t allow you to grow and keep a lush natural lawn. It could be lack of natural sunlight or the soil conditions. In some cases no matter how much time and money we spend we can never achieve the natural lawn we deserve.

3. The household – Children and pets bring us immeasurable joy; however they are usually the main contributors to damaging the garden and house that we work tirelessly to maintain. If its kids are traipsing in mud or pets destroying your perfectly manicured lawn, sometimes the natural alternative just can’t cope.

*Mulberry Grass is not associated with AstroTurf which is a registered trademark